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Hello! My name is Elisamuel Resto and I am a web developer currently working at Ridge Road Outdoors, a marketplace for the outdoors and firearms industries.

I am fluent in back-end coding and some front-end magic. I develop both simple and intricate back-end systems that make our marketplace function as it should. For front-ends I leverage HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript (particularly jQuery) to expand our marketplace features and usefulness on a daily basis. On the server side, I use PHP and MySQL, as well as theory in database design and systems security.

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Passionate about the outdoors, we built Ridge Road Outdoors, a marketplace where all manufacturers big and small could be presented and marketed directly to interested people. Gone are the days of rep groups and catalogs — we built the ultimate marketplace for the modern hunter!


In my free time I take photos of everything around me — people, nature, weather, projects — and always learn new things. I also enjoy working on cars, there is something about fixing your own car that drives me to learn more about it.