Surprise! New PHP version was released today for immediate download. But guess what? if you are one of the lucky non-Apache users using a source-based distro to get shafted by the different installation place of the CGI/FCGI binaries (in my case, I got shafted by my CGI binary being /usr/bin/php-cgi as opposed to /usr/bin/php which is the previous behavior, now /usr/bin/php is the CLI binary), do not alarm, and just update your http daemon to utilize the new path.

It does include several important bug and security fixes, as with all releases of this nature, it is recommended to upgrade your installs.

I like this approach for a few reasons, but most importantly:

  • No more -q switch when calling scripts from the CLI. One less annoyance.
  • Actually makes sense, php is the CLI, and php-cgi is the CGI binary for the web server

Why I hate this change:

  • Implemented and mentioned, but not precisely defined behavior on the ChangeLog was mentioned
  • Was not announced beforehand, and this is a change that is likely to break some setups
  • No option to keep it the old way if somebody doesn’t like that way of installing (mostly for package maintainers)